Welcome to RSM

Rogue Scholar Media is a small web and graphic design company based out of Canton, OH. This site is both a showcase of the work that Rogue Scholar Media has created as well as a place for the members of the company to share their ideas and creations with the world. So wether you are interested in free designs, code snippets, or would like to hire us for a project, you have come to the right place.


New Photos of The Here and Now posted on the band’s MySpace page

August 13th, 2010

The night before our fateful trip to Detroit, I got a chance to take some pictures of the Here and Now’s Jon Geihsler performing at the Geisen Haus in Canton. The show was really good, in spite of both his and supporting act’s Ryan Watts having both lost their voices earlier in the week.

Jon Geihsler from the Here and Now at the Geisen Haus

Click the Photo to see more pictures on the band's MySpace page

New RSM Site!

August 10th, 2010

So I could imagine that people who came to my site might have thought I just sort of quit at the end of last year. To those people, I apologize. It has been a little more crazy than usual. A short breakdown of the past 8 months.

  • I have taken over as the art director for Not So Modern Drummer magazine: this is where a considerable amount of my time has gone
  • As of August 22nd I will be attending IU for a graduate degree in Human Computer Interaction Design
  • The amount of work that I have been doing for Incriminator and TrueTech USA has increased considerably

All of these have been great developments, but they have, unfortunately taken away from the time I can spend on this site. However, there are two very important things that will effect both Rogue Scholar Media and this site! The first is that I have decided to add someone to handle .NET programming and help with design. His name is Matt Lawson, and he will also be posting to this site. I’m excited because Matt is a great guy to work with and will fill in a lot of the gaps that I have in developing for the World Wide Web. The second thing is that the site will now have a freebies section and a recent projects section. Freebies will have stock photos, designs, code, and other items that anyone can use for any purpose that they want. The recent projects section will be home for a mix of musings about projects, the creative process, and a few explanations of the process that goes into making a design/site.

So, in spite of being as busy as ever, Rogue Scholar Media, and this site, will continue to move forward.

New (Old) Videos on YouTube

July 21st, 2010

Recently was given a DVD of videos that I had made back when I was in school and immediately after. Since these videos were captured (and lost) before YouTube, they never had a chance for mass consumption. Until now.

Dead Theatre

Completed in 2003, this was my thesis at the College of Wooster. Stop motion animation, no computer effects aside from capturing and compiling.

Concordia Discors

This is a music video for the band Concordia Discors, made using a broken Nintendo and Punch-Out. I do not remember the song’s name, so if anyone does, please let me know.

In the Spirit of the Season

December 12th, 2009

Around this time of year there are those who would argue that it is better to give than to receive. In this spirit, my stock photo submissions at stock.xchng have been useful to the design community!

Currently you can find them in use at:

  • Ars Technica in an article about jailbreaking iPods
  • ePhotozine in an artistic interpretation from Mick5 including what I believe is a Lovecraft quote (and a reminder of why I wish I had a working darkroom at the moment
  • In an anti-drug trafficking poster for Guyana in South America designed by by Seana Shanks
  • Apparently this Polish banking site has used one of my pictures. . .somewhere. I do not speak Polish, so I’m at the whims of Google Translation, which hasn’t helped me find my pic, but they assure me it’s there (also I’m very impressed with their English in emails)

Nothing like contributing to make it all seem worthwhile!

Drum Blitz in Lyndhurst, OH

November 13th, 2009

Rogue Scholar Media will be filming the Interactive Creative Drumming Festival with Dave Brewer at Sam Ash in Lyndhurst. This free event will be from 3:45-6:00 PM on Sunday 11/15. If you are in the area you should stop by, if for no other reason, to try and become a You Tube celebrity (note: no guarentee of becoming a You Tube celebrity unless you do something extremely funny). For more information visit www.creativedrumming.com and www.samashmusic.com.

Update Dec. 28 2009: Slowly but surely putting together the video from this event, will post when finalized.